Vienna trip

On Sunday, March 17, we arrive at our hostel on Wilhelminenberg in the 16th district around noon after a 4-hour bus ride. In the afternoon we visited the Vienna TimeTravel. This is an attraction that tells the history of Vienna in an interesting and amusing way.

On Monday morning we had a puzzle tour on the grounds of the Hofburg and we were able to explore the places around the Hofburg ourselves. After lunch, which we had every day at the Technical University, we went to the Technical Museum and we were able to look at the different things and also try out some things, for example presenting a ZIB ourselves. In the evening, we visited the House of Music where we were able to explore a wide range of musical topics.  

On Tuesday morning, we had the chance to visit a synagogue and a guide explained a lot about Judaism, the Jewish service and the synagogue itself. 

Afterwards, we had time to explore the Naschmarkt and some of the children went shopping and bought various things. 

In the afternoon we went on a bus tour. We drove along the Ringstrasse and a guide explained the various buildings and sights to us. After the bus tour, we were dropped off at the Vienna Prater and we had time to ride the attractions. 

In the evening we could choose between two movies: Kung Fu Panda 4 ( in English ) and June. I think both movies were very interesting but for me personally it was a great experience to see a movie in English.  

On Wednesday morning we visited the Vienna International Center (UNO-City), which was really interesting as we are currently working on this topic in our history lessons. We had a tour where our guide explained a lot about the UNO and we were also able to see a hearing room. Afterwards our teachers gave us time to go shopping in the Donauzentrum. In the afternoon we went on foot to the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum. I particularly liked the interior architecture and the paintings and our guide made the tour interesting . We were also able to see the car in which heir to the throne Franz-Ferdinand and his wife were shot in Sarajevo. While the other class went to the Natural History Museum in the evening, we had a cozy evening and went for a walk and then played games together.

On Thursday we went to Schönbrunn Palace in the morning and had a guided tour there. In the afternoon, we had a guided tour of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where we were told a lot about St. Stephen’s Cathedral itself and the Gothic architectural style. Afterwards, we quickly returned to our hostel, because in the evening, the highlight of many people’s trip to Vienna was on the agenda: the musical Rock Me Amadeus – The Falco Musical. It was a bit hectic and stressful, because everyone wanted to look good, so I was personally glad when we were finally on the bus or metro. The musical is highly recommended and the singing and set design were great. Nevertheless, everyone was happy when they went to bed in the evening. 

On Friday we went to Schönbrunn Zoo in the morning and watched various animals and a seal feeding session. This was also the end of our Vienna program. Around midday we made our way home again and at 6 p.m. we finally arrived exhausted at the Mittelschule Hochburg-Ach by bus. 

As far as I could tell, everyone enjoyed the Vienna trip and it was a successful week. 

Sophie Wührer-Silberer 4a